Letter Re: A Source for Potable Water Storage Tanks

I enjoy your blog. Recently a few friends and I started to look for potable water storage tanks for long term storage. Most tanks either were not designed for long term storage or the retailer does not have enough information. (Ever since the bottled water cancer scare, the composition of the plastic has taken on a new importance.)

Wanted to pass on to you a link to WaterTanks.com, a company that has really been great leading us through the process and willing to sell us 1 or 100 tanks. Our sales rep is James Opferman.

We are going to pick up the tanks ourselves and save on the sizable shipping costs. I thought your audience might be interested. They also have a cool rain barrel configured with a nice strainer on the top. Keeps out the roof debris and bugs.

I’m off, to read more of your site. – Jerry A