Economics and Investing:

Several readers sent this: Santelli’s Chicago Tea Party

Gone in 60 Days: Citi and Bank of America Won’t Live to See May (A hat tip to KT for the link.)

Another Friday FDIC bank failure notice: Citizens Bank, Corvallis, Oregon, Assumes All of the Deposits of Silver Falls Bank, Silverton, Oregon

Items from The Economatrix:

Stock Decline Hits Depression Levels

Get Ready for Mass Retail Closings (220,000 stores may close)

GM Break-up Close as Saab Files Bankruptcy

No Bailout Can Mend the Economy Now. A quote: ” …the life of the depression is being deliberately extended in order to complete the wealth distribution process.”

Gold Rises Over $1,000

Latvian Gov’t Falls; EU in Crisis

Popular Rage Grows as Global Crisis Worsens

Major Indexes Fall 6%+/- for Week

Inflation Via Another Con (The Mogambo Guru)

The Great Depression Has Arrived–Collapsing American Dreams

Commercial Real Estate’s Crisis Point Approaching?

Friday: Stocks End Down 100 Points After Seesaw Day

B of A, Citi Shares Fall on Fears of Nationalization

Housing Plan Leaves Out Critical Pieces