Economics and Investing:

Brett forwarded this item: Depositors turned away from Stanford banks

Garth S. sent this New York Times news story link: Laid-Off Foreigners Flee as Dubai Spirals Down. Garth’s comment: “At least [in America] we don’t have debtors prison.”

From Todd S.: Swift, steep downturn crisscrosses globe

G.G. flagged this: Publishers See Red, Magazine Ad Pages Down 21.5% in Q1

Thanks to Robert B. for sending this: Sales Tax Time Bomb Explodes as Consumption in Freefall

The Drifter sent us a link to this piece by Mish Shedlock: The Nationalization Train Has Left The Station

FloridaGuy flagged this: Gold hits record against euro on fear of Zimbabwean-style response to bank crisis (JWR Adds: The current “strength” of the US Dollar is in actuality just a manifestation of the weakness of the Euro, since European banks are in even deeper Schumer than American banks. It is all relative. All the paper currencies are on the same path, but some are just moving more rapidly down the path to destruction than others. For safety, buy silver and gold. Get out of paper currencies and any investments denominated in those currencies. This is the age of tangible investments!)

Items from The Economatrix:

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Eastern European Economies About to Explode in a Chain Reaction of Debt Default
“An economic crisis is quickly turning into a political crisis. Riots have broken out in capitals across Eastern Europe. Mr. Geithner had better be paying attention.”

World Stocks Tumble as Bailout Confidence Fades

Fed Banker Warns of Deflation

In Times of Crisis, Never Forget the Value of Gold

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Brzezinski: H*ll, There Could Even Be Riots

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Oil Slips Below $35 as Global Markets Tumble

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