Economics and Investing:

G.G. sent this: Rogers Renews Bets U.S. Stocks Will Slump on Rescue.

From Brian F.: 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis:

Bill N. set a link to a speech transcript where a US Senator has the guts to point out the pork in the Stimulus Bill. OBTW, it is no wonder that the omnibus spending package is now widely referred to as The Porkulus Bill.

Items from The Economatrix:

FDIC Shutters Four Banks in One Day

Home Prices in Record Plunge in Q4

Economic and Financial Systems Deliberately Destabilized. A key quote: “There probably won’t be bank runs as in the 1930s. You will wake up one morning and find you are going to receive one new dollar for 10 old dollars and that new dollar will be for all nations, as they all devalue and default.”

Bank of England Says UK Economy Could Fall 6%— just three months after Alistair Darling predicted a fall of 1.25%

Could Obama Turn into a Zombie President? Here is a choice quote: “They have a plan for a plan, but they don’t really have a plan. The whole proposal is so vague as to create new uncertainty, and maybe the problem is really so bad that they haven’t worked out how to solve it.”

“People Really Hate You” US Bankers Told

US Retail Sales Unexpectedly Halt Six-Month Slide (JWR’s comment: I attribute this to all the ongoing frantic gun, ammunition, and full capacity magazine purchasing. Have you been to a gun show recently?)

UK Bank Regulator Resigns Amid Furor