Letter Re: Update on Storage Food Shortages

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers:

As you may know Mountain House has curtailed all shipment of their freeze dried foods in cans throughout the U.S. until at least October of this year. I repeat, the supply from Mountain House has been cut and I fully believe that when their food in #10 cans is available again, it will be at much higher prices.

We still have a large supply of Mountain House Freeze Dried foods in our warehouse. It appears that we have one of the largest remaining supplies in the country as some of our biggest competitors are referring their customers to us since they are out of stock.

We do have an excellent supply of fine Dehydrated Foods on hand. Due to the unprecedented incoming response it is taking 2-to-4 weeks from receipt of order to shipment. Before you order it is always a good idea to call for availability of any given item.

The best way to reach us is by phone on our backline number at (530) 265-8333 as our “866” number and our e-mail in-box are in constant overflow.

If you call and get our recording be sure to leave your phone number; do not keeping calling back as several people are doing in hopes of getting through as this is using up our voice mail space and causing problems for everyone else. Please understand that this situation is unprecedented and be especially patient. – Freeze Dry Guy