Letter Re: Packing The Vehicle G.O.O.D. Bag

Mr. Rawles
I’d just like to present an alternate thought to one of the statements made in the most recent piece written about G.O.O.D. bags: “Try to avoid foods that are high in sodium. You will have to drink more water.” Salt is not the enemy! Especially in hot climates. If you are traveling on foot you will be depleting a lot of your body’s salt. Low sodium levels in the body can, in a surprisingly short time, lead to muscle cramps at the least and seizures and death in the more severe losses. Salt also provides an osmotic gradient that can be instrumental in keeping water in the body.

You previously posted a very good electrolyte replacement formula [in SurvivalBlog] which [includes salt and that] would be a very good item to keep in your G.O.O.D. bag. Also include a balanced B vitamin complex will help with the energy producing functions in the body. Although I prefer a well balanced vitamin/mineral such as Theragram M or Centrum.
Regards, – D.D.S. (R.Ph.)