The Value of Coupon Clipping in Stocking Up

Our family has always maintained a substantial pantry in addition to our “deep storage” items. One way we keep our pantry stocked is by taking advantage of grocery store sales and using coupons. This does take a bit of time on my part, but definitely pays off in the long run.

I utilize,, (these sites allow you to print each coupon two times. We have two computers so that = 4 times each) as my mainstays. But recently I have become a reader of She posts deals that I would have normally not found on my own.

One of my most recent “stock ups” have been on Muir Glen organic [canned] tomatoes. They offer $1 off coupons. You have to register. Once you register, click on the Muir Glen link. You are taken to a .pdf coupon for $1 off Muir Glen products along with $1 off Cascadian Farms products. There is no limit to the number of coupons you can print. I use these coupons to stock up on tomatoes and frozen vegetables. At my local Wal Mart the tomatoes cost 16 cents after the coupon and the vegetables cost 40 cents per one-pound bag after the coupon. I usually pick up a case or two on each shopping trip. If I used all 100+ coupons I have, I would probably be limited. I don’t want to bring attention to myself.

These make great fillers along with our storage items. Hope this helps you and your readers. – MPS in Nevada