Letter Re: The British Perspective on Food Storage and Preparedness

Dear Sir
The two articles linked below detail issues surrounding world food shortages (and possible solutions) from a UK perspective. I thought that they might be of interest to you. Certainly there is increasing concern here about rising food and drink prices and its increasingly becoming part of the national conversation. It seems there are now almost daily broadsheet newspaper articles on the subject and I can categorically state that the UK is now experiencing similar trends to the US, as identified by your readers. Although rationing has not made the news yet, my father – who is a restaurateur – has discovered that our five large local wholesalers who sell exclusively to the catering industry have run out of rice, cooking oil and other essential foodstuffs.

Families’ annual grocery bill rises by £800


Food shortages: how will we feed the world?

Also, thank you for your wonderful web site. To be honest, I had not even thought about survivalism when I first saw SurvivalBlog – I was just looking for outdoor survival techniques for a bushcraft weekend. The more I have read the more convinced I am of the need for preparedness. I cannot afford a retreat but your site has opened my eyes to the numerous other ways I can keep my family safe during any periods of potential unrest. It also gives me great pleasure to read about these issues from a Christian point of view. Although there are many British Christians, it is sometimes difficult for us to be open about our faith. Our society is extremely tolerant of any and all faiths (as it should be of course) but unfortunately our media and politicians frequently marginalise the very people that make this country democratic and free. God bless you and thank you once again, – Paolo