More About Front Sight’s New “Get a Gun” Training and Gear Offer

Naish Piazza, the director of Front Sight sent me some of the frequently asked questions about the “Get a Gun” training and gear package offer that I mentioned in SurvivalBlog last week.

1.) What kind of Springfield Armory XD Pistol is given away in this offer?
A Standard Model 4″ Barrel XD in your choice of 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP. The perfect balance for good gun handling, power, speed and concealability.

2.) Is it 4 days or 5 days of training at Front Sight?
You attend Front Sight’s flagship Four Day Defensive Handgun Course, the course everyone raves about and then stay one extra day for Front Sight 30 State Concealed Weapon Permit Course so you can get more advanced concealed carry training and walk away with everything you need, certificates, fingerprints, and photos to secure CCWs in Florida, Nevada, and Utah. With reciprocity laws, these three permits allow you to carry concealed in over 30 states!

3.) When do I have to attend the course?
The certificate you received from Front Sight has no expiration date so you can use it at any time in the future. Even when Front Sight’s courses increase in price, your certificate is inflation proof and will allow you to attend at no extra charge.

4.) How often does Front Sight offer this course?
Front Sight offers their Four Day defensive Handgun course and 30 State Concealed Weapon Permit Course at least twice per month, every month except July and August.

5.) What days of the week are the courses held? If taking the full five days, the courses start on Friday and ends on Tuesday, so you don’t have to miss an entire week of work, just a couple of days.

6.) Can I purchase the ammunition I need at Front Sight?
Yes. You can either bring factory new ammunition with you or purchase it from Front Sight’s pro shop.

7.) How far away is lodging?
Most students stay at one of three hotels within a 20 minute drive from Front Sight’s world-class 550 acre training facility. Hotel rates range from $40 per night to $75 per night.

8.) How do I get to Front Sight?
It is easy and inexpensive. Simply fly to Las Vegas, Nevada, rent a car, and drive to Pahrump. Front Sight is a 45 minutes drive from Las Vegas or 20 minute drive from Pahrump. Las Vegas is one of the least expensive cities in the world to fly into from just about anywhere in the US.

9.) How long do I have to take advantage of Front Sight’s offer?
Not long. The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) members have already surpassed the original number of guns and courses Dr. Piazza set aside for them. I was able to get him to extend the offer but he only did so with the understanding that he could stop it at any time with 48 hours notice, so take advantage of it immediately.

10.) Where can I get more information about Front Sight and their courses?
Go to Front Sight’s web site and click on the link, Front Sight Experience A-Z for answers to most if not all of your questions.

Well, I hope this answers most of your questions about this offer. Don’t forget, Dr. Piazza can end this promotion with very little warning. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of this great deal, then now is the time to take action.