Front Sight’s New “Get a Gun” Training and Gear Offer

Front Sight has been a SurvivalBlog advertiser for nearly as long as I have been writing the blog. The Memsahib and I have both attended four-day courses at Front Sight, and we can attest that the training there is absolutely top notch. We were both very impressed with the world class quality of the instruction and the quiet professionalism of the instructors. The Front Sight experience is hard to put into words. You really need to experience it for yourself.

To be prepared for the potentially dark days ahead, I highly recommend that at least one member of your family attend Front Sight, and then come home and cross-train the rest of the family. Owning a gun doesn’t make you “shooter” any more than owning a surf board makes your a “surfer”. Training is crucial. When the Schumer hits the fan, you need to be confident and competent with firearms. That only comes with proper training and regular practice. The bottom line: Get the best training available. And that is exactly what you will receive at Front Sight.

You might have noticed that there are now two ads for Front Sight in our scrolling ads. The new ad is for their very generous “Get a Gun” training and gear package offer. This is their biggest promotion ever, and it includes so much free gear that you would be crazy to to not take advantage of it. This offer includes all of the following:

Four Day Defensive Handgun Course ($2,000 Value),
30 State (One Day) CCW course ($500 Value),
Seven Dry Practice Manuals ($280 Value),
Limited Edition Stainless Steel Folding Knife with Front Sight Logo ($300 Value),
Front Sight Armorer’s Bench Mat ($40 Value),
Front Sight “Any Gun Will Do– If You Will Do!” Shirt ($30 Value),
Front Sight logo hat ($20 Value),
Front Sight Instructor Belt, Holster, Mag Pouch, Flashlight Pouch and Flashlight ($230 Value),

and, your choice of a brand new in-the-box, Springfield Armory XD Pistol in 9mm, or .40 S&W or .45 ACP (a $600 value.) Needless to say, I suggest getting the .45 ACP variant.

I highly recommend Front Sight’s training. Again, it is truly world class. Their new “Get a Gun” offer is an amazing 4-to-1 “exchange in abundance.” If up ’til now you’ve been hesitating about taking a course at Front Sight, then by all means quit hesitating, and take advantage of this offer. It is a genuine bargain!

OBTW, if you have any questions about this offer, feel free to e-mail me. If I can’t answer one of your questions, then I will get a answer from Front Sight.