Letter Re: Some Offshore Retreat Considerations

Mr. Rawles,

A good set of links on finding a homestead that may be useful to your readers can be found at The Mother Earth News web site.

I also agree with Jason in North Idaho’s comments. Relocating to the developing world for the purpose of long term survival is not something I would recommend. I am presently living in the developing world because I work here–at least for the time being. I probably have this in common with many of your readers who work as security contractors. My long term goal is to return to return to my home country and relocate to a small town.

Don’t relocate to run away. Relocate to achieve a goal. Think about the kind of lifestyle you want to live, and work towards that.

I am willing to accept more risk than most people. I also was trained by the military to function in unstable environments and consequently I get paid a lot more to do the same job because of that. But this is a short term temporary strategy to enable me to get some cash to buy some land. Everyone must make their own risk assessments and plan accordingly.

In the meantime my focus is planning for and taking precautions against political instability, crime and pandemic flu. Long term I am very concerned about Peak Oil. The developing world will stop developing when foreign aid is cut off and that there will be a serious population crash in an energy descent scenario. Regards, – Felix D.