Letter Re: A Special Antibiotics-By-Mail Offer for SurvivalBlog Readers

Many SurvivalBlog readers have expressed an interest in obtaining antibiotics for emergency use, for example t be prepared for another 9/11-style anthrax attack (for which ciprofloxacin has been recommended in the past by the FDA and Centers for Disease Control) or a flu epidemic. The gentleman who owns a discount pharmacy has agreed to a solution. From now until April 30, 2008, The Medical Center Pharmacy, located in the lobby of The Hillman Medical Center at 2116 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, will offer for sale sealed stock bottles of 100 Ciprofloxacin 500 mg tablets in their original packaging “to SurvivalBlog readers who mention discount code SB1” for only $33. (If your prescription is for less than 51 tablets of ciprofloxacin, the price will be $25. [The cost per unit is higher because] if the quantity is less than 100 tablets the stock bottle will be opened by the pharmacist and pills counted.) In addition, 10 capsules of Tamiflu 75 mg in their sealed original packaging for treatment and prevention of flu will be available for $93. Any other prescription medicine available in the USA will also be offered at a discount price if “discount code SB-1” is mentioned. This pharmacy has been owned by the same pharmacist for the past 15 years. Both of these medicines are recently manufactured and have distant expiration dates. The pharmacy’s toll free phone number is 888-653-9404 or if busy, call 215-568-3858. FAX: 215.564.6065.

There are four straightforward conditions. Firstly, since these are prescription products, you must have a health care provider phone, fax, or mail in a prescription. The pharmacy is only able to honor the “SB-1 discount” from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Monday-Friday EST. Second condition is that there will be no acceptance of any prescriptions for any “controlled substances” (such as narcotics, amphetamines, etc.) unless the original prescription is handed to the pharmacist by the customer at the pharmacy’s physical location [and provide proof of identity](provided above). However, the good news is that any customer presenting a physical prescription or picking up prescription medication at the pharmacy will receive an additional $5 off per prescription because the pharmacy is spared additional shipping, handling and related costs. Third condition is that there is an additional charge for mailing of $3 for the first prescription and $2 each for all other prescriptions mailed out in the same package to the lower 48 states. This includes a charge for delivery confirmation. The final condition is that the only acceptable methods of payment are either major credit card, US postal money order (made out to “Medical Center Pharmacy”), or cash. No insurance accepted.

I researched prescription prices and urge your readers to do so. The Medical Center Pharmacy is offering really great prices for genuine products. For the price of roughly a half tank of gas or two AR or AK mags, you can choose to have enough ciprofloxacin for anthrax exposure and not lose life-threatening time if your doctor agrees that you need to start a medication immediately.

Based on the response, there may be other group-buy style discounts and programs for other survival prescription medications available in the future. Why not compare the prices of all your current prescriptions with those offered under the “Discount Code SB-1”. Given the rural isolation of many SurvivalBlog readers and high gas prices, you have little to lose by prudent preparing, asking question, and price checks. The Medical Center Pharmacy reserves the right to increase the prices stated above after April 30, 2008. – Yorie in PA (a retired physician)