Weekly Survival Real Estate Market Update

We have some great news for you folks that have been wondering where all the approved retreats disappeared to, on the Idaho page of SurvivalRealty.com. (This is SurvivalBlog’s sister site that JWR put together specifically to help SurvivalBlog readers to find their own survival retreats.) More than 15 Idaho listings have now been posted! You can view them here.

In order to comply with guidelines set forth by the Idaho Real Estate Commission, although the listings are available on any public MLS approved site, the subsequent retreat evaluations, analysis and photos are only allowed to be disseminated to actual customers and contractual clients of licensed real estate offices, upon request from those interested persons. In order to stay within those guidelines you’ll be required to agree to the ‘Terms of Use’ in order to view any of the non-For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Idaho listings. The clickable agreement covers two important items. First, that a request is being submitted to the chosen real estate company to display approved survival retreats and their evaluations. Secondly, that it is understood that by agreeing to the service that no financial obligation is owed to the real estate company and that one may contact any licensed agent for further information about any property. This process is essentially the same as e-mailing an agent for information about property. However, this process will allow you to review approved retreat properties anonymously, without e-mailing a bunch of real estate agents, giving out your contact information and being subsequently bothered with e-mails about properties that do not meet your criteria.

One more important change is that the Tactical Analysis and other non-PC type information will not be posted, even though the information is on a private web page for customers and clients. Only the standard MLS page will be displayed. For that technical and other additional info you’ll need to contact the Retreat Evaluator Todd Savage. This is done out of respect to the sellers, their agents, and brokers alike.

Moving on to northern Idaho, There is a beautiful 40 acre parcel on the North Bench just above Bonners Ferry, that is going to be coming up for sale or trade soon. It features about 20 acres of rolling timbered hills and draws, and about 20 acres which was at one time plowed and tilled by horses. There are multiple building sites, plentiful game, and majestic views of the Selkirk Mountain range. Sun exposure and the micro climate of the North Bench area lend the property to be turned into a small community based farm, bed and breakfast, or a combination of both! The seller wishes to be discreet about marketing so information will only be emailed out to pre-screened folks and will not be posted on SurvivalRealty.com, other than a brief mention here and there. The price has been set starting at $275,000. The seller is willing to trade for a retreat in Colorado as well. Please e-mail me if you wish to be included for further information on this incredible property.

Over the next week I will be posting many more approved retreats on the private ‘customer only’ pages on SurvivalRealty.com. Look for them when mentioned each day in SurvivalBlog’s Odds ‘n Sod’s section! OBTW, prices are becoming more realistic with each passing day, and the market will be flooded with listings this spring with some incredible deals.

I plan to host several ‘Approved Retreat’ tours of the Palouse Hills, Boundary County, and northwestern Montana locales this spring and summer. Please e-mail me to be included as well for detailed information and dates. The tours will be limited to 20 reservations each, on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have always wanted to see the ‘real deal’ this would be the time!

Congratulations to “Mr. Echo” who recently closed on a spectacular off the grid retreat “somewhere in north central Idaho”.

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