Odds ‘n Sods:

From Bloomberg: Fed Boosts Lending to Banks as Credit Rout Continues. Bloomberg also reports: Bernanke Policy to `Destroy’ U.S. Dollar, Faber Says. It sounds like there are some perilous times ahead!

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Mark in Idaho mentioned: that he spoke recently with a good friend who lives in Southwestern Utah. Mark said that his friend went to his local LDS cannery over the weekend and was told to “hurry up and buy what he could since the cannery prices were going to increase, as of the 22nd of March.” That leaves just a short time before the price increase. I just heard from another reader that the LDS cannery wheat price is set to double. If you have been dawdling, then get busy, folks!

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Another news tip from Eric: Non-resident Indians in Bahrain urged to avoid US Dollar and Indian stocks: “invest in gold or British pound”

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Our friend Chad mentioned the plethora of information on the upcoming D.C. v. Heller US Supreme Court decision available over at The SCOTUS Wiki.