Letter Re: Peter Schiff’s Commentary–“Not Your Father’s Deflation”

Here’s some more ‘great’ news [from Peter Schiff, by way of Kitco.com] for the coming economic crash.

Thanks to ‘fiat currency,’ this [nascent] economic disaster won’t be nearly as “mild” as the Great Depression, because consumer prices will rise, and, our worthless money will de value at the same time! At least in the 30’s, the gold standard that backed the US dollar, made it hold value – even if there were fewer in circulation. Ditto silver & gold coins, that were still worth something (I found your blog late, and got started late, but I’m buying junk silver coins and the occasional gold one as fast as I can!!!) Don’t guess we’ll have to worry as much about toilet paper as we thought, after the economic SHTF – ‘Helicopter Ben’ [Bernanke] will print us wallets full of toilet paper! – Bob McC in Pittsburg