Notes from JWR:

Congratulations to R.C. in Florida, the high bidder in the benefit auction that ended yesterday, for six items including a Katadyn Pocket water filter

Today we are starting a new auction. This one is for a scarce original 1980s-vintage Heckler und Koch 19mm Emergency Flare Launcher (EFL) aka “Notsignalgerät from my personal collection. It comes with three magazines and 28 scarce original German 19mm flares–10 red, 10 white, and 8 green. Together, this package is worth approximately $400. Note: Despite its fairly high muzzle velocity and the fact that it is magazine fed, this flare launcher in not classified as a “firearm” under Federal law. (Consult your state and local laws before bidding.) Sorry, no overseas bids will be accepted for this auction. This auction ends on January 15th. The opening bid is just $80. Please e-mail us your bids, in $10 increments.

Momentum seems to be growing for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Although he is considered a “Dark Horse” candidate, he has captivated quite a cross-section of voters including “hard money” advocates, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, gun rights advocates, pro-lifers, quasi-isolationists (both left and right wing), and home schoolers. After a recent record-breaking $4.38 million fundraising day, the latest plan is to raise $10 million in one day, on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. (Today is the day, Sunday, December 16th.)