Letter From SurvivalBlog’s Brazilian Correspondent Re: New Ebola Strain in Africa

There has been another outbreak of Ebola in Uganda, that already has killed 25 people. It is funny (in a morbid way), but the “good news” that the specialists gave about this new Ebola strain:
” …Because of its scanty history, scientists have concluded that the strain is somewhat containable because it kills its victims faster than it can spread to new hosts…”

Sometimes, people around tell to us, survivalists: you are always “over-reacting” to threats that maybe never happen. Well, look at the reason why some medical workers die:
” …The mysterious strain has so far infected 104 people — including the 25 dead — some of them medical workers who treated patients without latex gloves and respirator gowns…”
It is unbelievable: in 2007, medical workers dealing with Ebola without latex gloves and respirators. – “The Werewolf” in Brazil