Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“In six days–less than a week–the world turned upside down. San Francisco became a war zone. Do you know what people do when you tell them they no longer have rights? That an individual is
powerless? They fight. It was ludicrous to think mankind would just roll on its back and comply. I saw my neighbors–people I’ve known for years–become bloodthirsty savages. Infected, uninfected, it didn’t matter. We were all driven mad. The survival instinct went ballistic. Food, guns, medicine, blood–it all became priceless. Worth killing for. Those who had became the targets of the had nots.
A city of five million people. Within a month more than half were dead. Six weeks later, about ten thousand like me. AB Negatives. We were all determined to live. But we didn’t gather together. There was no unity. It was every man for himself. Trust had been abolished. By the end of the year, it was me. Just me.” – Mark Protosevich –from an early draft of the “I Am Legend” Screenplay