Letter Re: Reactions to Preparedness Course

What a coincidence. I’m quite certain, that the amazing e-mail that you received from HH happens to be from my very good friend and colleague. HH is a good man that care’s for his family and friends. He cares so much, that he often risks the ridicule and accusations as he mentioned, to try and help inform and consequently protect his loved ones with the gift of information.

People are waking up, and I am one of those people. I was the guy that listened to the wisdom HH was resonating, much of that information came from the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course.

I remember talking with him one night in the parking lot as we were leaving work. We were having a good conversation about preparing for potential hardships that our country may soon be facing. I noticed a backpack in his vehicle’s trunk, as well as some shoes and what looked like a change in clothing. It made me chuckle at first as I didn’t understand what it was for, but I had noticed it there on several occasions before. I thought perhaps it was his “emergency” pack in the event of a melt down with his wife… hehehe.

He explained to me that it was part of preparedness plan. I was curious but, admittedly, I thought he might be just a little paranoid or crazy.

A transformation has happened as my eyes have opened to what’s occurring around us. I became curious about the pack and the reason for it.

HH led me to SurvivalBlog.com and to the “Rawles Gets You Ready” course. I borrowed it over the Thanksgiving holiday. After perusing the materials, I certainly felt like I had another thing the be thankful for this year.

I purchased the course for myself last night and took advantage of the great offer. I really owe this enlightenment to my great friend HH, I’m truly grateful to have such a selfless friend with so much knowledge.

I pray that I will never need to utilize this information, but that won’t stop me from absorbing it and getting prepared. Considering the increasingly complex world we live in, with all of the unrest over wars, economic failure, volatile weather patterns, and increasing pressure on our natural resources, one cannot afford to ignore the signs. I felt that at the very least, I needed to start preparing for the possible troubles we’ve brought upon ourselves.

Thanks for providing this great wisdom for those of us that want to be ready for the challenges of our current times. – Todd H.