Letter Re: Reverse Osmosis Water Purification for Urbanites

Dear Jim,
Concerning Justin B.’s letter on reverse osmosis: Why go to all the trouble of using a reverse osmosis system and having to Jerry-rig a way to use it if the electrical system goes on the blink? Use a non-electric, non-water wasting, gravity-based water filtration system like the Big Berkey (30,000 gallons on one set of filters!) and get used to using it for your drinking water every day. It’s a great way to develop a habit and a mind set of preparedness.

Every time I fill my Berkey (once or twice a day) I think about my preps while I am filling/draining water. It is a constant reminder of the commitment I have made to myself and my family to do all I can to be prepared for whatever may come our way. Reverse osmosis filters waste 2 gallons of water for every 1 gallon filtered. That’s not exactly what you want to be doing in an emergency. A Berkey is fill it and forget it! No pumps, no waste, no mess! Replacement filters are easy and compact to store and take under two minutes to remove the old ones and put in the new ones. Part of surviving is the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple, Stupid.) I remind myself of this at every opportunity when I am tempted to get too gadgety or “Ooh, wouldn’t it be cool if…” starts to creep in. – Lee