Letter Re: A Reader’s Perspective on Assembling a Survival Firearms Battery

Jim, it seems that several of your readers have been exercising their keyboards on the subject of “survival batteries” lately. This has been great sport since the days of Mel Tappan and I have seen countless lists of just was is “absolutely” needed. Methinks that many of these well-meaning folks have never carried firearms on a regular basis and used them for work.

I spent 12 years in the law enforcement business, eight of which I was an NRA certified instructor. I carried a gun, both in uniform and concealed, for every day of those 12 years. Based on my experience, I have far fewer firearms than most of your respondents. My long-range rifle is a 30-30. Yup, 30-30, good to 200 yards, based on my experience. Have a .357 lever action for pest control (both four- and two-legged kinds) and a 22 for general use. Have a couple to 12 gauge pumps because they are most effective a close ranges and, in my situation, I won’t have long-range encounters. Have a couple of .357 revolvers but I don’t emphasize the handguns because “they just ain’t good enough” when push comes to shove. But I do have lots of ammo stored. I wouldn’t mind having a Garand (box magazine get in the way maneuver-and-shoot) but the cost is too high.

Decidedly low-tech, relatively low-cost in comparison to the urban commando outfits being presented by the Blog’s readers. But based on the experience of carrying and using firearms in the course of working. “Ideas that sound good are not a good replacement for what actually works” Keep up the good work! – B.A.C., Sacramento, California