Letter Re: A New Folding Mo-Ped–a Backup G.O.O.D. Vehicle?

I have discovered a great mode of backup transportation, the DiBlasi R7 collapsible mo-ped (Also see: http://www.foldingmotorbike.com/). This is a 49cc no-license-required scooter that folds to fit a boat, plane, or car trunk and gets 130 mpg. Their top speed is 30 mph, but it beats walking. Retail is about $2,500 but I have found a deal for $2,000 (with carrying bag) at Wings and Things.(You have to call – no online orders). Cheers, – JB in Tennessee

JWR Replies: Safecastle (one of our biggest advertisers) already has a line of folding bicycles. I woudln’t be surprised if they add these to their catalog.