Letter Re: Where Was That Survivalist “Matchmaking” Service?

I’m searching for a link you posted on your blog to a site that listed people wanting to network with other survivalists in their areas. The only thing I remember about the site is that you described it as little known since the hosts didn’t advertise it. I’ve been unable to find it the the SurvivalBlog archives and would appreciate your help in finding it again. Thanks!

JWR Replies: For liability reasons, I don’t post “matchmaking” announcements in SurvivalBlog. The post that you remembered referred to this “hidden”(unlinked) web page, courtesy of the folks at SurvivalistBooks.com. I’ve heard from several readers that they’ve used this service successfully. OBTW, if you use this free service, please give SurvivalistBooks.com some patronage. They have a great selection of books available.