Letter Re: Recent Improvement in the Jericho Television Series

Dear Jim and Family,
The latest episode of [the US CBS network television series] Jericho has finally built up into something significant. A battle between towns, using mobility, rifles, mortars, and negotiation. It was actually pretty good. While my faith in the idea of the show is not exactly restored from its initial low opinion, this is a major improvement in direction of the story. CBS offers streaming viewing of the whole season via their web site. If you open the viewer in a proper player via right clicking on the window, you can stop, pause, and select scenes to view (which is more convenient as well as allows you to skip the commercials. One particular bit of dialogue I think everyone here will smile at is this line: “Every able-bodied person, that needs a gun, sixteen years of age or older, line up.” Best, – InyoKern

JWR Replies: I was also pleased to see considerable improvement in the last three episodes (“Causus Belli”, “One if By Land”, and “Coalition of the Willing”.) While they were still tactically pitiful–with a couple of scenes such as the truck-jacking via horseback downright laughable–the last three scripts were captivating and even thought-provoking. These episodes reminded me a bit of Machiavellian politics in the Roman city states of the early Renaissance. OBTW, the scene where Hawkins reveals his storage space full of guns and gear reminded me a bit of my JASBORR. But I was disappointed that the weapons and ammo that they gathered didn’t even fill the back of a full-size pickup. (A lot of the SurvivalBlog readers could have filled several pickups.

There are rumors of cancellation. I hope that doesn’t happen. Despite its considerable flaws, he show does have its merits. I t might even convince a few forward-thinking viewers to prepare.

OBTW, don’t miss the lively discussion about the Jericho episodes at the Jericho Discussion Group moderated by Rourke–a frequent SurvivalBlog contributor.