Letter Re: The Herd Instinct on Highways in TEOTWAWKI

As a professional road service mechanic I see all manner of stupid human tricks on a daily basis.
I live in the north east and find it sad but comical how people react to adverse road conditions. This has been a fairly mild winter for us Yet I have been caught in the tail end of three multi-car pileups due to snow/ice.
Now my service truck is prepared in the extreme tools, fuel, maps for my area of operations (AO), food, and water. So these were just minor delays for me until I plotted an alternative route.
Now cut to a major failure of the system. Katrina, accidents, grid lock, and no fuel. I would say most people would become pedestrians in the first 24 hours, and on road travel for anything less than a D-9 caterpillar tractor would be all but impossible.
I would use my self as an example with a loaded pack and overland travel I could cover about 24 miles in a 12 hour day this is about 160 miles in a week this is best case at 2 miles per hour and I am in fair shape. I would estimate that the masses would be able to manage less than a fourth of that. Leaving dedicated looters easy pickings for quite some time near the high way system.
People rise to their level of training and frankly american masses are little more than herd animals when the chips are down.
Look how they vote, how they live, and how the act en masse in [situations like Hurricane] Katrina. It is sad but true: Self reliance is indeed a rare quality.
If the Bible shows us nothing else human nature is slothful and evil. Fate favors the prepared. Semper Paratus, – Mike H.