Letter Re: Stocking Up on Augmentin–the Antibiotic of Choice

I finally bit the bullet and bought 100 tablets of Augmentin (Co-Amoxiclav), the survivalist’s antibiotic of choice (or so I’m told). It was a tidy sum and unlike the rest of my supplies, it is not something that will store indefinitely (18 month expiration date, but I’d use it at twice that date as it is being stored in a refrigerator), nor is it something that I can rotate though and use like food. On the way back from the pharmacy I showed the kids what I’d gotten. “But dad, I thought you hated antibiotics.” my eldest said. “I don’t hate them, I just don’t like to use them unnecessarily.” I replied. I then went on to tell them about how penicillin was discovered and how bacteria and scientists are in a continual war of trying to outsmart each other. I then said “I’d rather have it..” and before I could finish, my two young sons said in unison “…and not need it than need it and not have it.” Does a dad proud. – SF in Hawaii