Letter Re: Source for AAA to D Cell Battery Upsizers/Adapters

I trust all is well with you and yours. I recently found a source for a battery adapter. There are a lot of products that will take one AA cell and make a D cell battery.
I found somebody makes an adapter that uses two size AA cells to make a D cell battery. (Twice as much battery life.) I’ve even seen a reference to some adapters that use three AA batteries. (That would be neat.) I recently received and tested C cell and D cell upsizers. The C cell is the common type, one AA battery makes one C cell. The D cells were the special part. Two AA cells make one D cell.
Nicely done product. They aren’t a cast iron product built for the centuries but they are well made and they were priced right. With two NiMH AA batteries of high capacity, you have a useful D cell equivalent. E-mail “Kevin Ko” <kevin@kevinko.ca> to get these adapters. BTW, he takes PayPal.

You know, I’ve got a ton of the real high cap NiMH AAs and this sure makes sense. And it’s your fault! Your recent SurvivalBlog benefit auction got me to pull out my Victoreen [fallout] meters and check them and I got to wondering about D cells. Thanks and Best Regards, – The Army Aviator

JWR Replies: Thanks for sharing the tip on the source for those adapters. I really like the new generation 2600 mil amp hour capacity AA NiMH batteries. The only problem is that The Memsahib and our #1 Son have monopolized them for use in their digital cameras. Once the price drops a bit more I think that I’ll buy myself a bulk pack.