Letter Re: Ponds, Aquaculture, and Pond Predators

Hello James,
In the event of a TEOTWAWKI scenario, as discussed previously on your blog, food and water will become critical in supply. My query is to seek out knowledge from within your following on newly constructed ponds as a water and food source. Here are my questions:
1). What type of fish replenish the most rapidly while offering a genuine nutrition?
2). What types of fish are compatible or necessary to keep a full circle eco-system continuing?
3). How many fish can you support per cubic yard of water?
4). Should food be introduced into the water until the young are established?
5). What predators, (i.e.- ground/air living) would be a potential food source or havoc on your newly established “eco-system”.
I don’t recall any lengthy discussions on this subject. Any advice would be greatly welcome! – The Wanderer
JWR Replies: I have only limited experience with ponds and aquaculture. Perhaps our correspondent in Brazil would like to chime in. He has been developing a pond aquaculture system there for several years. Does anyone else out there care to comment?