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Letter Re: A New Breed of Feral Dogs, by Buckshot

This article raised a valid point. But I think it overstated the threat. And it conveyed a lot of negative thoughts, like “you will freeze up, your shots will go into the ground, you will be overwhelmed before you can react,” etc.     I’m a dog lover; owner of three Bull Terriers, which are basically civilized, happy Pit Bulls. No question, the strength, destructive potential and “hard to kill” factor of many dogs is true. But the author of that article overlooked a key feature of the “pack mentality.” Kill the lead dogs, and the followers probably will slink away. …

Two Letters Re: The U.S. Housing Bubble–Yea, the Pinprick Cometh

Mr. Rawles, I read the article on the housing bubble on SurvivalBlog and would like to add a bit of evidence to the claim.  I currently own a home in Orlando, Florida and haven’t sold in five months.  This is unheard of for that region, but it is just not me all the houses in the area having the same problem.  Here are a couple of quotes from my real estate agent on the Orlando market: “I just returned from a real estate conference in Tampa.  The main topic was the large amount of time listings are sitting the market …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Poll says 6 out of 10 Americans consider the income tax unfair.    o o o An interesting pre-Y2K diary at the Survival-Center web site.    o o o Commentary from market strategist Emanuel Balarie (quoted at “$600 Gold: We Have Only Just Begun“    o o o I wish you all a joyous Easter, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Passover Lamb, Christ Jesus.