Letter Re: Out-of-Print Bushcraft Book Now Available Online


I just found my way to this site and thought it would be another good source of survival information for your readers, especially as it had been compiled with military rescues in mind at the time. I have no affiliation with the site, author, etc. Just wanted to pass on a link: http://tions.net/CA256EA900408BD5/vwWWW/outdoor~03~000

Here is a snip from the site: “The section is home to an on-line edition of a classic text that is sadly now out of print, ‘The 10 Bushcraft Books’ by Richard Graves. Richard Harry Graves was born 17th July, 1898 (some sources list year of birth as 1897 or 1899) in Co. Waterford, Ireland. He died 3 days before I was born, on the 3rd of February, 1971 in Sydney, Australia. He is credited with the authorship of several books and is formerly a Commanding Officer of the Australian Jungle Survival & Rescue Detachment on active service with the U.S.A.A.F.
‘The 10 Bushcraft Books’ are the seminal texts on bushcraft and this on-line edition (based on the first edition of the book set) has been released to share this unique source of knowledge. Originally written as wartime information for conducting rescue missions, the notes were later revised and prepared for a School of Bushcraft which was conducted for nearly 20 years. Almost all the quirks of the original text have been retained (illustrations by the author, inconsistent word usage, strange punctuation, etc.) although I have removed 50% of
the commas (believe it or not). I have also converted all imperial measurements into metric.
Each web page in this section is quite large (typically 100 to 150 Kb, including images). All large images have a ‘thumbnail’ place holder that can be used to access the full-size version of the image (by clicking on the thumbnail image).”
Book 1. – Ropes & Cords
Book 2. – Huts & Thatching
Book 3. – Campcraft
Book 4. – Food & Water
Book 5. – Firemaking
Book 6. – Knots & Lashings
Book 7. – Tracks & Lures
Book 8. – Snares & Traps
Book 9. – Travel & Gear
Book 10. – Time & Direction