Letter Re: Inexpensive Fallout Shelter Construction Method?

Hi Jim,
Boy, is your blog the “cream of the crop”! I’ve read it daily, almost from the very beginning, and am always amazed by the breadth of knowledge within. Great job!

I fully recognize the need for a suitable fallout shelter for my family in these trying times. By suitable I mean more than just an expedient shelter. We may need to be sealed off for several weeks in a worst case scenario. Don’t get me wrong, an expedient shelter will save lives but may not be the most desirable conditions for a wife and toddler. In doing much research on the subject, reviewing Joel Skousen’s books and other’s, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a MAJOR undertaking involving BIG BUCKS! How can I construct a solid, waterproof, underground fallout shelter, doing a lot of the interior outfitting myself, without breaking the bank? Many shelter producers charge $15-to-$100K per unit. This is almost impossible, while budgeting for other “needs”, without incurring debt. Right now the steel culvert type shelters seem to fit the bill.

Please share your thoughts, concerns, advice. Congrats on your full time blogging, and may God continue to provide for you and your family. – SP in NC

JWR Replies: The first thought that comes to mind to reduce costs is to use one or two fiberglass prefabricated septic tanks as the primary structure for the shelter. Perhaps some SurvivalBlog readers will have other cost-saving suggestions. Please e-mail me, and I will post them.