Note From JWR:

After 25 years in the mail order business, I finally got “modern” and created a web page for my mail order wares. See: Up until just recently, I only had a an e-mailable catalog.  Now I have a proper web page catalog.  I just have to remember to keep it up to date, as items come and go. As time permits, I plan to add photos of some of the more expensive items. Thanks for all of the recent “10 Cent Challenge” contributions. My special thanks to R.M. and R.K.E., who each donated $100. I appreciate your generosity!

Letter from David In Israel Re: The Survival Mindset and the Holocaust

Last year I met with Eline Hoekstra Dresden. Among the things she gave me along with her book “Wishing Upon A Star, A Tale of the Holocaust and Hope” was a bookmark that I will quote: [begin quote] During my years of public speaking, I have been asked repeatedly, “how did you live through the Holocaust?” I usually answer “I don’t really know.” However, the following list provides examples of things that worked for me (along with luck). Tools for Survival * Be alert, not paranoid * Be optimistic, but realistic * Find strength in faith (whichever) * Recognize hidden …

Letter Re: Freeze Dried Foods Versus MREs Versus Air Dried Bulk Storage Foods

James: I am considering making a sizable purchase from one of your advertisers. I have enjoyed your site a great deal and would value your opinion. Would you stock Mountain House foods for your own needs? I am not familiar with mountain house foods. What is your opinion of their products? How do they compare to MREs? I would like to get about a year of food put aside. I am sure you are very busy, so a detailed response is not necessary, as I said though I value your opinion. Thanks in advance, – K. JWR Replies: Mountain House …

Two Letters Re: The “Field Kit” Approach for Organization, Preparedness, and Survival, by Christian Souljer

Mr. Rawles, Reading the great post on preparedness kits I noticed a couple things that I do differently with my vehicle. I’ve got a spare tire mounted on a homemade bracket on the front of my truck. this took an hour tops with an iron pile and a welder. It’s not meant for pushing but it sits there comfortably mounted to the existing bumper and the metal near the hood latch. I would think also that with some forethought it could be incorporated into a big frame mount push bumper. its a classic ‘country’ configuration which clears up room in …

Letter Re: Asian Avian Flu Radio Show Archives

J.R.- Just got the chance to listen to some of the Ark Institute radio programming archives from this October. It might be a good idea to remind people those audio files are still there to enjoy. Still just as topical today as then. – R.S. JWR Replies: Thanks for mentioning that. For details on how to hear the webcast archives, visit the Republic Radio web site:  The interviews that you mentioned were conducted on October 15th and October 22nd.

Letter Re: Recommendations on Body Armor?

Sir: I’d read your post in SurvivalBlog about body armor – someone had asked for some recommendations. I own a small company and my employees wear armor, I’ve worn armor for ten years… And there have been some upheavals recently that those looking to acquire used body armor need, desperately, to be aware of that weren’t addressed in your answer – which was adequate but I felt needed elaborating on – so here goes! WHAT BRAND OF BODY ARMOR SHOULD YOU AVOID WHEN BUYING USED… Both Second Chance and Point Blank are facing bankruptcy and major lawsuits associated with some …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Odds ‘n Sods: A source for greenhouse construction kits:    o o o After an outbreak of H5N1 in India, the government killed all poultry within 10 kilometers of the affected town. If NAIS succeeds, our government here in the U.S. will know exactly what animals you have and where you are. If they decide to they can just come and take or kill your livestock. See:\02\26\story_26-2-2006_pg4_14 and    o o o I recently discovered that WorldNetDaily columnist Vox Day has his own blog: