Letter Re: Polarwrap Cold Weather Insulating Face Masks

Good Morning Jim,
My wife recently bought me a “Polarwrap” cold-weather mask. When I first got it, I tried it on and promptly tossed it on the top shelf of my closet. “No way I’ll ever wear that thing!” I thought to myself.

Well, yesterday morning, with the mercury hovering near 30 below, and chores to do, guess what? I went to the closet, found my mask, put ‘er on and went outside to work.

It’s darn nice to find a product that works… and this baby works! As one exhales, the warmth and moisture of the outgoing air heats up the innards of the Polarwrap and the frigid incoming air is warmed up nicely.

At $50, one of the best gifts my wife ever gave me. I intend to buy an extra and keep it with my emergency gear.

(Congrats on the lifestyle change… I’m part of the 10 Cent Challenge now!) – Dutch in Wyoming