Letter Re: Disinfecting Water with Chlorine Bleach

Dear Mr. Rawles,
One of your readers recently mentioned using chlorine in the water tanks for household toilets as a means to preserve clean, drinkable water. I realize I need to do this. Question: how much chlorine should I use? IIRC the water tank for a typical [traditional] toilet holds approximately 5 gallons. As always, thanks for your help and for the good work you do. Yours in Jesus Christ our Lord, – S.P.

JWR Replies: The more recently-manufactured toilet tanks hold only about 2.5 gallons. The guidelines for treating water from questionable sources (via boiling, chlorine, or iodine) are concisely summarized at the Captain Tropic’s web site: http://www.stormsurvival.homestead.com/Disinfecting_Water.html