Letter from Author Michael Z. Williamson Re: Remington Riot Shotguns

My survival shotgun is surplus from the Michigan state police, through a dealer–Remington 870, well worn, but with a glass-smooth action. $125, with plastic stock already on. Nothing against Mossbergs; I have one of those also, but the Remington is exceptionally common, which is a plus. As I’m not too concerned with keeping it looking like an innocent hunting weapon, I’ve added a tube extension, side sling mount, fluorescent orange hard plastic follower, and Cavalry Arms stock conversion that let me fit an Ergo grip and AR stock. This creates the exact same length of pull as my ARs, and adds a rail for sights/optics. At 50 yards offhand, slugs print a 2″ group, and recoil is quite manageable for fast follow ups. I, too, have looked at the Knoxx sidewinder drum conversions. The drums do not change rapidly, requiring pulling out, and inserting at an angle to start and then pressing home. The two extra rounds and 2″ shorter barrel would help somewhat, but it doesn’t seem to be a huge improvement or cost effective. I’ll post pictures of these items shortly. Meanwhile, Oleg Volk has this photo of my daughter practicing one of her skills: http://www.olegvolk.net/gallery/madmike/pinkrifles0511 Morrigan is 8 years old, and was featured in Concealed Carry magazine in December, in an article about women and guns. It’s my experience that if you teach the kids gun safety early, shooting comes naturally shortly thereafter. Thanks for your comments on my novel Freehold. It was my first novel, and I hope I’ve improved since then. I just started work on a new science fiction novel. – Mike