Letter Re: Making a Living in The Country

Going back to the subject of, “Well now I live in the middle of nowhere, how do I make a living?” The middle of nowhere is surrounded by farms, small towns and older townsfolk. What does this mean? Antiques! Old store signs, auto parts signs, gas pumps, oil can racks and tools will bring in a nice price from eBay or other auction houses. Just think of the estate sales or farm sales! Generations of old furniture and other household goods! Yes it’s sad to watch our farms and farmers die off (I’ve read that the average age of the American farmer is in his 70s.) So if your dealing with a widow, {be charitable and] fix the leaky sink or re-glaze the window.
Soon you’ll be known as the “Guy Who Buys the Old Stuff.” So the trick is to get the goods to the people that collect these items, but don’t have access to them. Or as they are often known as, “City Folk.” This could be an all-cash business and if you get the reputation of being fair, then word will spread. Your truck and mileage and storage area and phone and office could all be a tax write-off. Any idea what a 1940s Quaker State Oil sign would bring on eBay? – Stimpy