Letter Re: Alternate Sources for Pharmaceuticals

Hello Mr. Rawles
Several years back, I would go with my church on mission trips to Northern Mexico, while there I would stop at the local Pharmacies and stock up on antibiotics. I bought several full treatment doses of Zithromycin, Cipro, and some Neosporin eye drops, and paid less than $50.00 American for all of it. It was not out of some dusty bottle off a dirty shelf, but boxed and in foil packs for long term storage in a clean modern Pharmacy with an English speaking pharmacist. They also had a more realistic shelf life than we have here in the U.S. The U.S. will allow you to bring back a three month supply for personal use and will let you import (Mail order) a three month supply for personal use. I have no interest in ordering “RED FLAG” items like narcotics, but I would like to restock my supply of antibiotics, and others may want to stock up on home meds. Do you or any fellow readers have any experience with dealing in this by mail order, and or have someone that they recommend? Thanks as always, – Rusty