Note From JWR:

And The Winner Is… It was tough judging all of those great entries, but we reached a decision on the winner of Round 2 of our non-fiction writing contest. Congratulations to “EMT J.N.” who wrote the excellent article: “Getting Your Group to Buy In: The $20 Medical Kit.” (This article was posted on Friday, January 13th.) J.N. wins the contest prize: a “gray” fully transferable four day Front Sight course certificate. These certificates can be worth up to $2,000 each!

Start writing and sending your entries for Round 3 of the contest. This contest round will again run for two months. Thanks to the generosity of Front Sight’s director Naish Piazza, the contest will have the same awesome prize. Please limit your entry to non-fiction pieces only, preferably articles about practical skills rather than something that is just motivational. 

The following is the first of the Round 3 writing contest entries. BTW, this article brings up a thorny issue amongst SurvivalBlog readers. Our readership runs the gamut:  Atheists, Agnostics, Orthodox Jews, Messianic Jews, Christians of umpteen different denominations, New Agers, Unitarians, and Buddhists. I love all of you. Some claim that my blog is “too religious”, while others complain that it not sufficiently religious. Obviously, I cannot please everyone, so I’ll just do what I believe is best and hopefully not offend too many of you. If any of the religious content bothers you, then just skip past it. But don’t ask me to censor this blog. I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Christian. I consider both preparedness and charity as my Christian duty. I sincerely believe that prayer works. Enough said.