Letter Re: Which Rifle and Caliber is the Best for TEOTWAWKI?

Dear Jim,
For once and for all, which rifle and caliber is the best for the end of days? Let the discussion begin.
Sincerely, – 2Knives

JWR Replies:  I’ll open the discussion with these oh-so subjective suggestions (YMMV):

  • United States (Except California): L1A1 or FN/FAL in 7.62mm NATO
  • California: FN-49 .308 Argentine Variant (in 7.62mm NATO with 20 round detachable magazines)–most other effective semi-autos rifles are banned
  • Central America (except Mexico)/South America/Anywhere in Africa/Oceania: FN/FAL in 7.62mm NATO
  • Philippines: M14E2, in 7.62mm NATO, selective fire. Why selective fire? Just because you can.
  • Canada: M1 Garand in .30-06.  (Thankfully exempted from their draconian “assault weapon” confiscation law.)
  • Australia:  SMLE bolt action in .303 or an Ishapore 1A bolt action in 7.62mm NATO (Sadly, virtually all semi-autos are banned in Oz.) 
  • France, Mexico, or other countries with “military caliber” restrictions:  M1A chambered in .243 Winchester. (Yes, they can be special ordered or re-barreled that way.) If semi-autos are outlawed, then get a Steyr Scout bolt action in .243
  • Sweden, Norway, Iceland, or Greenland: HK G3 or HK91 in 7.62mm NATO
  • Finland: Valmet M76, 7.62mm NATO
  • Switzerland: PE-57 in 7.5mm Swiss
  • Former Soviet Bloc Countries or elsewhere in Asia where guns are allowed:  Dragunov in 7.62 x 54R
  • Germany, Austria, and the Low Countries: Steyr Scout bolt action in .308 or perhaps .243
  • England: High power air rifle in the largest caliber obtainable, or perhaps a crossbow and/or a flare gun.  (If those haven’t been banned yet.) Hint: Time to emigrate to a free country!

I’d appreciate hearing opposing views (or legal clarifications), from folks in any of the countries cited.