Letter Re: Geysers in Kingfisher, Oklahoma and the New Madrid Fault

I just watched the video of the geysers in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Just downright amazing what I saw. No, not the geysers ….. the people and what they said:
Newsgirl …… “Something never seen here before and will never be seen again.” ???
Lady on the street …. “I’m just concerned that it may pollute our water supply.”
Newsgirl … ” State officials say that fast moving natural gas underground is forced into pushing upwards.”
Newsgirl ….. “State officials are trying to determine what the source of the natural gas is.”
Do any of these people have any clue what pre-earthquake symptoms are?
Apparently not or at least they’re not bringing it to the attention of the public. Personally, If I saw this occurring around me, I would rapidly either leave immediately or become very uneasy about staying. Whew! Better there than here, huh?
A last comment. It was part of the seven states report. (on the Tennessee side) All seven states concurrently and independently ran reviews and investigations on the possibility of another occurrence of the great Memphis quake. Eventually, all the states found out that all of the other six states had performed essentially the same review. Amazingly all seven had essentially arrived at the same conclusion. If I lived in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, I’d be leaving con mucho rapidemente.
Regards, – The Army Aviator