Letter Re: Combat Medicine School in Ohio

Hi Jim and Memsahib:
Observing the failure of the Rescue and Medical Infrastructure after hurricane Katrina, cemented in my mind the absolute necessity of having the knowledge, skills and tools to take care of oneself, loved ones and neighbors. Procuring beans, bandages and bullets is useless if one does not possess the knowledge and skills to use them. We train (or should) regularly with our firearms to keep our skills honed. Food preparation is a daily event for most so those skills come automatically and require minor alteration in a survival situation. When it comes to medical skills and knowledge most of us have little or no skills at all in that area. We all need to up the priority! Finding and going to a well qualified Combat Medicine School in the US is a must for all in the perilous times we live. For those who have the financial resources and time, Medical Corps is conducting a 3 day Combat Medicine School November 18, 19 and 20, 2005. Classes will be at the Ohio State University Extension Campus, Caldwell, Ohio. The cost is $325.00. This is one of the finest schools on the planet and people from all over the world attend. Classes run for 8 hours a day, beginning at 9 am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. School check-in is from 8 am to 9 am Friday morning. Lunch will be at noon. All materials and handouts will be furnished. Video cameras may be used and still photos may be taken. The school is open to all, regardless of knowledge, experience, or skill level. No prior medical experience or knowledge is required. The school is a must for families, first responders and especially travelers. Many State agencies send their first responders to this class so it fills up quickly. Combat Medicine was introduced to the public by Medical Corps in 1995. These principles are now applied in civilian settings, and as the world has seen, the lifesaving results are unequaled at over 98%. For those who never have had any NBC training the tuition is worth just learning this area of instruction alone. Medicalcorps.org http://www.medicalcorps.org/. If one cannot attend the school they can freely download many of the subjects or order CDs here: http://www.brooksidepress.org/products.htm. Regards, – “F1”