Letter From David in Israel Re: Hurricane Katrina

Watch the news for the next few days to pick up good stories from the citizens of New Orleans as they bug out in the face of possible 20 ft flooding in what appears to be a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina. This is as always a reminder for the wise survivor that the following will likely apply in a survival bugout situation:

1-carry a weapon if you can, but remember your weapon will not solve most survival issues.
2-If your gear is not with you at work or vehicle it is around 50% likely you will not have it if you need it.
3-Never let your fuel tank drop below half.
4-Cary cash and maybe a spare credit card sealed in plastic on your person sealing it may help you remember it is an emergency reserve.
4-Ham radio stays up when most other forms of communication go down.
5-A good 12VDC-to-120VAC (or 220VAC in some countries) inverter will allow you to charge batteries phones and run small power tools if your car is the only power source
6-Keep photocopies of important documents in sealed packages.
7-A bicycle (folding bike is ideal) is a good item to keep in your trunk.

JWR Adds: A regular reader of SurvivalBlog tells us that he will be deploying to the "ground zero" of hurricane"K" as part of a special multi-jurisdictional team. We hope to get a first hand after action report from him upon his return.