Dispensing Charity–Our Christian Duty

I intentionally emphasize the theme of Christian charity in my writings. I strongly encourage charitable giving both the present day and post-TEOTWAWKI. It is important to keep far more storage food on hand than you expect to consume. If all that you have is the bare minimum to supply your own family or retreat group, you won’t be in any position to dispense charity.

If times get really hard and there is a breakdown of law and order, it might become dangerous to dispense charity to strangers on your own property. I described in ny novel Patriots how to dispense charity “at arm’s length” when living under Schumeresque conditions.

In particular, I recommend that you stock up on extra wheat, rice, beans, and sprouting seeds. If purchased in food grade 5 gallon buckets they are currently very inexpensive. Just an extra two or three hundred pounds of grains and legumes could save dozens of lives. God’s providence is a gift. Share it. Everything that I’ve earned and saved, I consider a gift from God. I intend to share it with those that are less fortunate and those that currently lack the foresight to stock up for potential bad times. I’m sure that there will be a lot of such people wandering about when the balloon goes up. Consider yourself an ambassador for Christ, and act accordingly. Do it for God’s glory rather than your own. BTW, it won’t hurt to hand out a few gospel tracts along with the grub. Do so with the accompanying words: “Its the Christian thing to do.” That might sink in with a few of those folks. ‘Nuff said.