Two Letters Re: Waterproofing Matches


I’ve been doing this for years but not all nail polish works, it all keeps the matches waterproof but some polish puts the flame out. If you can try to get the polish that says HIGHLY FLAMMABLE on the back – this is getting a lot harder to find. Cover half way down 3 matches and when dry test them (away from the polish and the matches) you soon know if your OK. If you are do the rest top half and then the base up. I did not find this out the hard way and you don’t want to. – B.G.

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With regard to coating Strike Anywhere matches with fingernail polish to prevent moisture, an excellent way to handle them is to do the following; take a piece of corrugated fiberboard (that is correct name for what we all commonly call cardboard from a box. Cut the material into strips about 2 inches wide. Insert the base of the matches into the holes or corrugations. This will hold the matches neatly and evenly allowing you to dip or treat the matches and it will provide a great way to dry them or dip them over and over. It will make the process faster and much neater. – RBS

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