Two Letters Re: Update on Pending Berkey Water Filter Price Increase

Captain Rawles,  
I have just received the following update on the Berkey water filtration systems. The Stainless Steel Berkey systems are on a serious backorder as they have been grossly oversold.  The Berkey Light Systems are the only ones that are in stock no matter what the “Estimated Shipping Date” or “Quantity in Stock” notices say online.  Also the previously reported 20%-30% price increase has been changed to 10% due to Berkey not wanting make an already bad economic situation worse, but they will not be able to give away the freebies any longer.  They may consider another “Price Adjustment” in the future though, but for now it will only be the 10%.

As has been mentioned many times before, it is better to do what you can than do nothing waiting for the “perfect situation”.  Having clean water can save your life.  I would love to own the Crown Berkey, but it is not in my prepping ability at this time, nor they are they presently available, anyway.  The filter elements are what do the job, so for me and my family it is a 4-filter bucket system as you and others have described building.  As one of my Company Commanders at boot camp used to say, “If you can do something about it, then do it.  If you can’t then deal with it and don’t cry about it.  That is just a waste of energy anyway.”   Thank you for your continued efforts to help turn sheeple into shepherds.   God Bless,   – Brad M.


Thanks to Brad M. for the Berkey price increase heads-up!

I found what needed and placed an order through Directive 21. (At a bargain price.)

However, in my online price checking I came across the Bucket Berkey for $135 you get two pre-drilled buckets that screw together, two Black Berkey filters, a spigot, and necessary washers. From what I found the Berkey filters run $99 a pair, a Berkey spare parts kit runs $25~30, and good luck finding food grade buckets that are threaded to screw together. To me, it looks like the perfect purchase for the folks planning on building a DIY Bucket Berkey because from what I can tell it costs about the same but takes less time and energy to assemble and the lower bucket is less susceptible to re-contamination thanks to the threaded design.

Also, I’d like to remind my fellow readers that Snow Peak Titanium outdoor cookware is made in Japan. I don’t know if the supply shortages will affect them but, if you want some in your gear bags now might be the time to order it. – Elite T.