Two Letters Re: How to Get Your Doctor to Help You Stockpile Medicine

Greetings Jim,
I just wanted to offer a few words about my experience with my doctor in helping me to stockpile prescription medication I take daily. A couple years ago while undergoing treatment for migraines, my neurologist prescribed nortriptylene, a rather old antidepressant that can also help treat some types of migraines. My doctor originally prescribed up to 100 milligrams every night at bedtime, but she advised me that if a lower dose kept my migraines away, go with the lowest effective dose. Over time I realized that 50 milligrams every night was sufficient and told my neurologist that on a follow up visit, and in the same breath I asked her if it would be possible to keep the prescription written for 100 milligrams (the medicine is available in 25- and 50-milligram capsules) each night at bedtime so I could stock up in case I lose my job or other economic uncertainties. She said she would be glad to do that since the medicine was not a controlled substance. Over the past year-plus, I’ve gotten what amounts to a two-month supply of my migraine medicine refilled on the 1st of every month and have built up a 15-month supply of nortriptylene in the process. (A local pharmacist told me I could expect an effective shelf life of two years for this particular medicine.) I can work through an incredible amount of physical pain, except for migraines, and having this surplus to fall back on has given me great peace of mind. Blessings to you, Jim. – C.S.

As a quick follow up to Dr. Koelker’s article, our readers might try finding a doctor who also takes Tricare. As a veteran and a physician who has Tricare insurance I have noticed that it seems that a higher percentage of docs who take Tricare do so out of patriotic duty (the reimbursement is horrible) and many have been in the military themselves. My experience has been that the majority of my friends who are involved in prepping have a military background. It is no guarantee but it might help your readers steer clear of the docs who support the AMA and Obama’s healthcare agenda. – Carl B.