Two Letters Re: Good Samaritan Bag


Samaritan Bags– these are an excellent idea, and the boxes built for Samaritan’s Purse gifts come to mind as a basic model. I have some ideas! One might build these using resealable bags (sandwich sized or larger). Each could contain a few personal care comforts: mylar safety blankets and/or a rain poncho, a cap and/or gloves, moistened hand-wipes, wash cloth, and hotel-sized bar of soap, travel-sized hand sanitizer, kleenex, Chapstick or other lip balm, packaged hard candies, a protein bar. Alternative versions could be created for kids and even for four-legged companions, too! A whole lot can go into a small bag that could provide a whole lot of help (and comfort) to someone in crisis. – T.A.

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My grandmother called them “Grab Bags”, and they always had the best stuff in them. – J.G.