Three Letters Re: Tumbling Live Rounds

In reply to HJL: Which begs the question: “Why are commercially-produced rounds going Ka-Boom then?”


It’s sabotage, just like what has been going on in Syria. An awful lot of mortars seem to detonate in the tube over there. If only one in a few thousand or million rounds are altered, it would be very difficult to figure out since the effected round is destroyed and most of the rounds in the same batch or many batches in series are just standard production.

Probably it is all just some sort of defect in the manufacturing process that has yet to be isolated. Nothing to worry about. Just like in the mid or late eighties when the U.S. couldn’t get a rocket to orbit due to malfunctions at launch, it all worked its way out.

Regards, – J.R.

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It might be that some of the faulty ammo is from China. I have heard of this happening. – Sid

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I have been tumbling live rounds for 50 years without one kaboom, and I have even used ketchup as a brass cleaner for some old 40s production german 7mm. (This was when I was a teen who did not have tumbling media or cartridge cleaner at hand and was using my father’s a rock tumbler for my efforts.) I could not believe they still fired after the tomato treatment, but it did do a respectable job in cleaning the cartridges. We all have our real life understanding and need to filter always by the old adage “Don’t believe anything you read, and only half of what you see”, but in this case, SB (who submitted the article) has hit the bulls-eye; his common sense article made my day. – J.M.

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