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Regarding the gentleman consigned to receiving IV meds in the hospital: I’m not sure what he might be dealing with, but IV vitamin C has been found to cure just about every viral and bacterial affliction (and cancer) known to man. There are many “alternative” cures out there that traditional doctors either aren’t aware of, or won’t mention for fear of the FDA. – M.T.

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please pass this along to LDM, if you find the time. I don’t mind if you post it; maybe it will help others as well as him.

After reading your post, I want to say a few things to you good sir:

1. Your body can do way more then your mind ever dreamed it capable of. I picked that up in the army.

2. Keeping a positive attitude will serve you better and carry you further then any training. I heard this by God’s grace this morning with an interview of a Vietnam Special Forces vet, who was awarded with highest honors, before work today.

3. Never focus on quitting; focus on your goal and only that goal.

That being said, I want you to consider that cancer, like most disease, is caused by thinking. Right now my blood pressure goes up each time I read, or I get angry over government news distraction or propaganda, like this missing plane while Russia and the U.S. are about to pop off. When you hold onto anger, pain, or grief, it creates physical problems in your body. Japanese scientists said you can think yourself sick, so you can also think yourself well.

I’ve lost relatives and friends to cancer. So, let me say this, “What if I could tell you that changing your mind will change your life?” I’m going to say that traditional Chinese medicine as been around for 4000 years. By doing breathing/stretching exercises you have a better chance at healing yourself. Besides if your saying you won’t be around in 5 years, do what I did. Spend $150 on training DVDs, or find someone who is teaching Chi Kung (Qi Gong), and focus on healing yourself so you can take care of your family.

My experiences with it: Doing it is like drinking a few beers, breathing you over-oxygenate the blood, and you will detox, likely 12 hours later.

There are a lot of things to learn about Chi Kung. I’m new to it, even if I’ve been doing it since 1992. I’m still a beginner. It’s not a religion, even if it offers some insight into the unseen world. The person I watched on DVD explained that there is science behind it all. Like microwaves, just because you can cook things in a box, doesn’t mean it’s magic. The guy I saw teaching on DVD, Dr Yang, has a PhD and Masters. H PhD is in physics. He explains concepts scientifically, including that the eight pieces of brocade are exercises invented to keep people healthy. Modern doctors know how to do two things– cut stuff out and medicate symptoms. They treat symptoms and some times cure people, but often times fail. It’s worth looking into, if you don’t feel you have options in the modern western medical area.

Oh, and NY laws generally are terrible, and sadly I’m from across the boarder in PA. All those flatlander city flakes are infiltrating into Pennsylvania, too. It’s “nanny state-idious”. It’s spreading. It won’t be long before we face what you’re facing now. You should never need government permission to possess a pistol or own an AR-15 with standard capacity magazines!! In my travels across the boarder, I often find the laws contemptible; nothing is worse then being disarmed because of bad laws. I’m now facing a felony conviction to visit my girlfriend (soon to be wife), which isn’t acceptable. It forces me to go disarmed to visit her. My girlfriend will soon be moving to Pennsylvania to escape that denial of rights in those unconstitutional laws. Anyhow, I wish you well- F.M.

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Hello, This is the first time I have ever emailed you but I have been reading your blog for about a year now. Could you please share this email with LDM. After reading Plan B by LDM I felt a need to say how courageous you truly are. Your ability to face and accept what the future has handed you is truly inspiring. Your faith in God in spite of the cards you have been dealt is heart warming. I truly wish you all the best and pray that you will have a long and happy life with your family. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your insights with us during what must be the most challenging time of your life. May God bless you and keep your family safe. I truly hope to read articles from you in the future. God Bless – M.Y.

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