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A.C. wrote a very good article on asthma, but left one important care plan out– immunotherapy. Immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, helps a person’s body become tolerant of the things they are allergic to. After allergy testing, the allergist can prescribe allergy injections for what a person is specifically allergic to. A person can receive weekly allergy injections starting at a small concentration and dose of these allergens and working up, to build up a tolerance for their allergies and possible asthma triggers. This can take three to five years, so I’m not sure if there is time before the SHTF or not. This doesn’t work for all asthma, as not all asthma is triggered by allergies, but it is another way to help control your asthma that you may want to consider. – C.D.

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Just wanted to add this tip. The asthmanefrin medicine can be used in an ordinary nebulizer. You don’t have to use the atomizer that comes with it. Also, albuterol can be used in an atomizer, which can be useful because it is more portable than most nebulizers. It also operates on batteries, which is important if the grid goes down temporarily or you are away from home. I recommend getting an atomizer kit to carry in your vehicle. I also recommend getting several refills to use in your nebulizer, in case you run out of albuterol and can’t get emergency medical help for some reason. – R.G.

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As a reminder to people out there, Albuterol is available in TABLET form and works only slightly slower than inhalers (minutes at most), but the shelf life, if stored properly, can be many years. The 4 mg immediate-release tablet is equivalent to two puffs of an inhaler. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of trying some tablets, and then you could possibly have a more stable shelf supply in an emergency that was long term. – Dr. Bob

Hugh Adds: Dont for get to add our very own Doc Cindy to the list of helpful tips: Seven Ways to Stretch Your Medicine Safely – and – A New Twist on a Live-Saving Medicine.

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